Internet in English

2 11 2008

This is a paragraph wrote in my Reading and Writing class. Be patient with my English because I have been learning for two weeks 😉

Internet makes possible education out the traditional classroom. In the traditional education system you have a class in an established hour and in a classroom located in a specific place. The use of Internet for educational purposes changes this concept. Internet could be used to study in some place. You don´t need to go to a place because you can study at home, in your work, in a library or in a restaurant, wherever you have a computer connected to the Internet. On the other hand, you don´t need to take a specific hour to study because you can study when you have time: at morning, afternoon, night or in the early morning. In all cases you can stay in contact with your teacher and classmates and doing the learning activities. The virtual classroom is opened every day and wherever you want.





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