Technology supporting learning

20 11 2008

The article School renovation that supports learning and technology is about a new kind of classrooms supported by technology that changes the traditional concept of education and describes how it will be set up.

Traditionally, the classroom has been the place where the learning process takes place. In addition, it has a teacher, a subject, an hour and a group of students.

The new concept of classroom has the same elements. However, it turns around the learning process of each student. The classroom can bring possibilities to discuss, exchange, communicate and debate supported by technology. Each student has to have a workstation with all the elements to work, for instance, it must have a laptop and Internet connection.

The workstations could be grouped in a laboratory easily reconfigurable. The architecture of schools must change to have workstations. The author proposes and elevated space on each floor where the staff works and sees the students. Around and above this space are the workstations. This proposal is in construction in several states of the United States.

The workstation is a good idea to show how to use technology to improve the learning process. It’s very important to highlight the importance of the pedagogical decisions over the technology. The technology is simple. The success depends on the learning activities. The student could study a certain topic and the teacher has to be a facilitator who proposes discussion topics, texts to review and information to figure out.In addition, the teacher must supervices the process of the students, know their difficulties and give feedback.

I always have thought the pedagogy is more important than the technology and this is a good example of this.

Frank, Kelley (2005). School renovation that supports learning and technology. Media & Methods 41 #3,31. retrieved November 18, 2008, from





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